All about Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing software developed by Microsoft. It was first released on October 25, 1983,[6] under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems.[7][8][9] Subsequent versions were later written for several other platforms including IBM PCs running DOS (1983), Apple Macintosh running the Classic Mac OS (1985), AT&T UNIX PC (1985), Atari ST (1988), OS/2 (1989), Microsoft Windows (1989), SCO Unix (1990), and macOS (2001).
Commercial versions of Word are licensed as a standalone product or as a component of Microsoft Office 365, or Microsoft 365 Premium subscription, Windows RT or the discontinued Microsoft Works suite.

How to download word

Just follow the link below to download Microsoft

or use word online here

How to create a document in Word

  1. On the File tab, click New.
  2. In the Search for online templates box, enter the type of document you want to create and press ENTER.

How to add and format text

  1. Place the cursor and type some text.
  2. To format, select the text and then select an option: BoldItalicBulletsNumbering, and more.

How to add Pictures, Shapes, SmartArt, Chart, and more

  1. Select the Insert tab.
  2. Select what you want to add:
    • Tables – select Tables, hover over the size you want, and select it.
    • Pictures – select Pictures, browse for the picture you want, and select Insert.
    • Online Pictures – select Online Pictures, search and choose the picture you want, and select Insert.
    • Shapes – select Shapes, and then select a shape from the drop-down.
    • Icons – select Icons, choose the one you want, and select Insert.
    • 3D Models – select 3D Models, choose from a file or online source, go to the image you want, and select Insert.
    • SmartArt – select SmartArt, choose a SmartArt Graphic, and select OK.
    • Chart – select Chart, select the chart you want, and select OK.
    • Screenshot – select Screenshot and select one from the drop-down.

How to save documents to PDF

  1. File
  2. Save as
  3. Choose location
  4. Change file type to PDF
  5. Save

For more about Microsoft Word Click the link below:

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