Please review each program admission requirement before applying to
   Doctor of Medicine Program
   Bachelor of Science in Nursing
   Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

Required Documents for Admission Depending on the program you are applying for, the following documents may be required.

  • Professional Diplomas/Certificates (e.g., High school diploma, undergraduate degree)
  • Transcript from previous education institution
  • Proof of identity (government issued photo identification e.g., Passport, driver’s license etc.)
  • Personal Essay expressing your interest in the program.
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation from professionals who are aware of your academic pursuits.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of any Medical experience and professional work history, volunteering experience will be an asset (specific to medical school)


Students pre-selected will be invited for an interview. A successful interview automatically qualifies for entry into the program

Due to the limited number of positions that can be offered to prospective medical students, The School of Medicine expects that students accepted to the School of Medicine will enroll in the year in which they are accepted. Thus, prospective students should only apply if they anticipate being able to accept admission in the year offered. However, admitted students might request a one-year deferral of matriculation for a maximum of one (1) year under limited circumstances. The request must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director of Admissions by August 1 of the acceptance year. Examples of cases for which deferrals may be granted include:

  • Illness
  • Unanticipated family hardship
  • A meaningful educational opportunity


To activate the acceptance for admission in the subsequent academic year, the deferred student must accept their offer of acceptance during the application cycle for which they have submitted a deferred application. In addition, it is expected that the student will submit a statement of activities during the deferral year and official transcripts for any academic work attempted or completed since the commencement of the deferral year no later than August 1 of the matriculation year.

If the student does not activate their acceptance to the School of Medicine within the acceptance decision deadline, their acceptance will be withdrawn. If they wish to reapply, they must complete a new online application, including new supporting documents, and pay the required application processing fees. Reapplications will be competitive with all other applicants.

  1. Fee Payment method
    GAU do accept online (visa/mastercard via Paypal) and bank wired transfer payments.
  2. Fee Refund
    All application fees are non-refundable.