Why you should use Google Docs over Microsoft Word

In the beginning, Microsoft Word was the de facto document for composing text.  Its toolset for composing text and tracking changes were the gold standard for businesses worldwide but in 2022 where collaboration is more crucial than ever Google Docs ( the google equivalent of Microsoft word ) has stepped in with its host of online collaboration tools which allows for real-time collaboration, a history of changes, track changes, auto-saving, work from anywhere, offline work mode, exporting, file storage and more. Google Docs it allows us to stay organized and productive.

For many including you, this is a change.  But trust me it is for the better. 

I have compiled below 16 reasons why you should use Google Docs:

  1. Collaboration – You can work together on the same document.  No more passing around individual Word files that can only be used by one person at a time.  This is a HUGE time savings.
  2. History – You can track document changes automatically and revert to any previous version of the document.  This helps in reverting to old formats easily. You may not use it much, but when you do, it will save your skin.
  3. Track Changes vs. Suggestion Mode – The biggest complaint we hear about using Google Docs is that only Microsoft Word can track changes.  However, Google Docs now has Suggesting Mode which is almost identical to Track Changes.  Default mode is Editing mode for all docs, where you do overwrite online any updates (of course you can revert via history).  But if you want to edit someone’s document and show your changes, then turn to Suggesting mode and you can create items for review, approve, etc. So, Google Docs is actually better for tracking changes because of its online collaboration abilities and ability to revert.
  4. Security – Google Docs by default are locked down to specific users. As needed, we can open them up to share by link status (meaning anyone with link can edit).  Remember, these are marketing documents, not legal documents that need full privacy. Anything you send for the website, will be online. Thus there is no need for full privacy.
  5. Auto Saving – The documents save in real time, eliminating the need to save your document. Word Docs typically do auto save now too but there is still a chance you may lose some changes.
  6. Less Confusion – With Google Docs, we know which is the most recent version of the content for your website, there is no more question of “which file is the best version”.  Put simply, our project managers can easily tell what document to use and give to our developers.
  7. Work From Anywhere – You can load documents on your phone, tablet, desktop and work easily.
  8. Work Offline – If you don’t have internet, you can still work offline and upload when you do have access.
  9. Cut / Paste – It is easy to cut/paste content from Google Docs into WordPress or your Content Management System (CMS)
  10. Easy Access – With a simple link you can see your data and pass the link to anyone you want to share your content with.
  11. Export – You can export to a variety of formats (even Microsoft Word and PDF).
  12. No Software – You don’t have to install software to use Google Docs.
  13. Comment – Adding a comment is easier in Google Docs and looks better.  You can also create tasks for individuals and start a discussion thread.
  14. Files – Easy filing as we store all your docs in our project folders for integration into WordPress and Basecamp.
  15. Upload – You can actually upload Word Docs and have them auto convert to a Google Doc. Note that there may be slight formatting changes, but if you draft in Google Doc these are easily resolved. 
  16. Saves Time –   You save time by using Google Docs because you no longer have to save files, email files, figure out which have been emailed or which is the current version.
  17. Saves Money – Since time is saved, money is saved. 

Now with all of those advantages, I much mention the disadvantages namely one, that is it is a new System. So you will need to learn how to use the tool. However, it is 98% similar to your prior workflow.  After 15 minutes of use, you will learn almost all of the controls and the time savings will be immense. Simply click on a link and you can start typing/editing/cutting/pasting

If you want to learn more about google doc please click the link below:


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